Extending the Life of Your PC

The fact that computers don’t cost as much as they did in the years past does not necessarily translate in acquiring a brand new PC every other year. Current processor technology on most computers allows for the computer to continue working perfectly for up to ten years after its procurement.

There are various ways of enhancing the performance of an old computer including revamping the RAM and increasing the capacity of the harddrive. Nonetheless, there are simpler, less expensive means to extending the useful lifespan of your PC.



Keep It Spick and Span

It is inevitable that every computer will, with time, get dirty with dust, hairballs and various other forms of dirt and goop from the surrounding. Just like a human body, this dirty can end up choking your computer from the inside thereby culminating in software and hardware problems that stress your PC. Such problems as increased heat production impede efficiency and performance while at the same time bringing premature death to various components of your computer.

Based on your work environment, your PC needs cleaning at least every 6 to 12 months. You, however, are advised to seek the help of a qualified computer technician to help in the efficient cleaning of your laptop or desktop. If you’re looking for a computer technician that provides expert advice, simply take a look at your local business listings and enlist a professional in your area. For example, if you lived in the Brisbane area you would look for computer repairs Brisbane.

Provide Adequate Ventilation

One of the vital parameters that contribute to the life of a computer is temperature. When you have cleaned the inside of your computer and ensured that the fans are working optimally, you will also need to provide adequate ventilation. The heatsinks and fans will have a tough time cooling a computer in a stuffy environment.

Always ensure that your PC has access to plenty of cool air by placing it in a place where there’s a good flow of air. It is for instance not recommended that you enclose the tower in a cupboard or closet. Additionally, it is unwise to place the computer near hot things such as radiators. It’s essential to have a clean house to ensure that there is no dust floating around the place that could get caught in your computer. According to Janice, Owner of an Ipswich House cleaning business, cleaning of the family home on a regular basis is an essential preventative maintenance measure for those who want to get the most out of their computer technology.


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Shield It against Power Surges

Your computer like all other electronic appliances is primarily circuits and components. These are usually sensitive to electricity which means that a surge in the input power could generate undesirable stress in some parts or even cause fatal damage that kills your machine. Also bear in mind that old surge protectors may lose their protection capabilities with time and thus it is always prudent to inspect the status of the surge protector periodically.

Fix Hard Drive Issues before They Manifest

Corruption of your hard drive may result from bad sectors or corrupt files that occur with crashing and improper shutting down among other issues. In addition to damaging your data, such corruption culminates in system instability, blue screen issues and may even prevent start up. The good news nonetheless is that such corruption can be found and corrected automatically before it can cause significant noticeable damage. The remedy is simply running Windows Check Disk tool. The tool scans for and repairs various issues with the hard drive and thus keeps your PC running smoothly for longer.

It is possible to keep your PC in perfect working condition for many years after you buy it. You nonetheless, have to consider working with a competent technician to see to it that you maintain the longevity and productivity of your machine.


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